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Family Membership

We're delighted to introduce a membership opportunity at the DACHA Kitchen &Bar in collaboration with The Third Place. Enjoy exclusive perks and make your experience even more special.


We value your presence in our community and can't wait to enhance your time with us.


Gain exclusive access to the elevated experience at DACHA Kitchen & Bar with our membership, priced at just $50 per month.  As a member, you will enjoy:

Access to a house account and credits

You will receive $50 in credits every month at DACHA Kitchen + Bar.

We will manage your credit balance for you through your personal house account. This means every time you visit us, you will be able to walk in and out freely, without needing to take out a credit card to settle your bill. (You will still receive an email receipt and can request a paper receipt should you choose).

Complimentary cocktails

You will get a complimentary cocktail every time you dine in with us at DACHA Kitchen & Bar.

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